Monday, December 14, 2009

Week 9 - Thing 21 Podcasts

This thing turned out to be less about podcasts per se, and more about learning to use iTunes. iTunes came equipped on my computer, but I had never used it. As someone who enjoys silence, I don't have an iPod. (I suspect my daughters would quickly adopt it if I bought one.) So, into iTunes I went where I found podcasts but had great difficulty narrowing things down to just library-related podcasts. Fine... I found books, I'll listen to something here. Now to make it play.

After listening to episodes by LibVibe, Library Geek, and th

I found podcasts to be rather old-fashioned. We have reached an age where video is quick and easy to produce... and I found myself wanting an image to watch. So then I looked for a video podcast. I found iTunes to be difficult to search and ended up watching the ABC nightly news.

When would I make time to listen on a regular basis? How would I use this with students. I found this "thing" to be cumbersome and tedious for the results I acquired. Not my favorie "thing".

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