Monday, November 9, 2009

Week 4 - Thing 8

I'm going to need a couple of days to see if this worked.  I have a gadget on my destop that is feeds.  I have been receiving headlines since I found the gadget.  I did not realize it was an RSS feed, and I didn't know the news source until I looked into it tonight.  Then I discovered I could add blog feeds to it.  I watched both tutorials for the feeds that were in the 23 things blog, but I don't know if I want ANOTHER account somewhere. I'm trying to make this work, but some sites that show the RSS icon will not let me add them to my desktop gadget. I also can add my desktop feeds to my blog... not good in terms of following directions, but I like the idea of having the feeds come to me so I don't even have to sign on.

I can see a future in this for teaching.  Teachers can maintain their assignments on blogs and the feeds will keep students up to date.  I can also see email going the way of snail-mail.  I rarely check my personal email now that I have a Facebook account.  My email all seems to be junk.  I won't have to log on to my favorite blogs... they will come to me. 

Technology is great when it works!


  1. Well, the gadget on my desktop worked, but it is cumbersome. It either shows EVERYTHING in one long, chronological list, or I have to select each feed individually. I think it works well if I have one, main thing I want to follow. Instead I have taken a look at bloglines, Google Reader, and iGoogle. The consensus: information overload!

  2. My favorite RSS Reader is Google Reader. Is that the one you use?

  3. I did prefer Google Reader until I discovered I can have my RSS feeds go right into Outlook which is open on my computer all day long. How convenient to have my email and blogs right there for me to view.