Friday, November 27, 2009

Week 7 - Thing 16

Wikis.  I need to put more effort into this, both in terms of wikis for the library and promotion for use by teachers.

I started a reading incentive program this fall "Read Around the World".  My 6th and 9th grade Humanities teachers jumped right onto this one and challenged each others' students to participate.  One feature I wanted to include was a wiki for book reviews that could be sorted by country, based on the tags in the entry.  But I couldn't get a wiki formatted correctly.  And then a well-meaning but mis-informed person suggested I create a blog.  I tried pbworks and then (I think) edublogs.  I finally got the format I wanted in blogger, but no one could post without an invitation, and I was only allowed to invite 1/2 the number of people I needed.  So it never really developed.  If nothing else, this is the one things I need to walk away from 23 things and implement.  Really make it work.  I will be looking closer at those wikis for the best site for me.

I created a wiki for a small group Bible study at my church.  There were only 7 of us and I would call it a success.  For busy people with varying schedules, we found it a great way to connect.  I was in charge and greatly enjoyed putting the pages together and administering.  But the application in the school setting is the challenge.  Once again, I need to see how others blazed the trail before me.

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