Friday, November 27, 2009

Week 6 - Thing 15 Library 2.0

As I read about Library 2.0, I can't help but admire the creators of all the new technologies we enjoy.  I like the improvement.  I enjoy learning new ways to do old things.  But I have discovered I am not much of an innovator.  I learn quickly and adapt fairly easily to our modern, digital world.  But I can't see what's coming next.  I understand the idea that libraries as we knew them will no longer be necessary, but what will they become?  It seems someone else will figure it out before me.

I have looked at the moon hundreds of times and never once wondered what it was like on the surface.  I am interesetd and amazed by what NASA has accomplished, but if modernization were to depend upon me to occur, there would still not be footprints on the lunar surface. 

I think I get too comfortable with the current situation to keep up with what is coming next.  Oh, I might foresee minor changes or improvements, but while I'm working on those, the big picture shifts and I'm still behind. 

So what will libraries become?  What will my role be?  I'm curious and eager to learn - and even to lead others once I find out - but it appears to be my nature to wait for someone else to blaze the trail.

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