Sunday, November 22, 2009

Week 5 - Thing 11

Wow!  I'm feeling rather savvy.  Looking at the list of award winners, I am already familiar with the following:
Google Aps
PB works
Craigs list
Google maps
Mango languages
At least that will help me narrow down the list of what to explore today.  I'm thinking I should do a book one, but I also think its time to investigate the world of Twitter.

OK, I didn't really want to create a Twitter account, but I took a look at what was being said about New Moon (generally more favorable than Twilight, but I'm still not interested in seeing it.)  I also followed a link I received from someone to follow them on Twitter - which I then added to my RSS feeds.  Trying to figure out what I would use this for.... make it available to my students so I can comment on the latest book I've read?  Annoy my in-laws?  I'll probably go with the latter.

Ning appears to have undergone some changes, making it difficult to search for groups. I'm curious to see if this is blocked at school.  I could see a potential book discussion group here...

And I made it to Level 5 with 134,000+ points on Travel IQ.  Good?  Bad?  Who knows, but a fun time waster.


  1. I follow a couple of Twitterers who send out useful information. One is Joyce Valenza.

  2. I want to be Joyce Valenza when I grow up.