Thursday, November 19, 2009

Week 5 - Thing 10

This was a fun thing to do, although I don't have much to show for it. 

I was hoping to create a neat holiday graphic for my library website or blog. 
Instead I found out my rap name.

I also made a Lego Librarian at  Since my windows hard drive is installed in a Mac, I was unable to print screen and copy the picture to here.  She was a cute, little, old-fashioned librarian with a cup of coffe in one hand, War & Peace in the other, and Princess Leia buns on her head.

I had successful mashed my name with my spouses.  When combining Scott and Cindy, I decided the best mashup was Scondy.  May we live long enough to fit that uni-name. was interesting, but not enough to do anything with.

The Miracle Maker was interesting, but I found Australia in the fry pan I left to soak last night.  That was enough miracle for one day.

  The above items were from

I also took a look at and came up with this:

I must say their word mosaic had some nice features that I wish Wordle would adopt (like selecting the shape of your design & colors), but I like Wordle better.

Incorporating these cute little time-wasters into meaningful instruction is what I always find challenging.


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  2. Eazy Killa, I like your rap name.