Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Week 6 - Thing 14 Technorati

Tagging: Get it.  Love it.  Showed my mom how to do this with her photos and she was estatic.  Showed my daughter how to do this on her blog.  However, I keep forgetting to add tags to my own posts.  :-)

Technorati:  Huh?  Do I really want to be able to explore others blogs?  It appears to be information overload at a whole new level.  Then again...

The Technorati tutorial link from the ESC1 page leads to a page explaining how Technorati's attempts to prevent spam failed and what they are doing now.  I found a tutorial at .  It was pretty bare bones, but it got me started.  So, I've begun the process of claiming my blog, but the appear to have a backlog.  Watch for technorati part 2.

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